There is a new theme for the month of August called, ‘Hold Fast’. In these hedonistic days of doing whatever you want or whatever feels good, we are forsaking something that is far more important, far more precious and valuable, and goes deeper than anything else that is possible.

We must return to God. He commands us to Love, both Him and our fellow man. The only path into this realm of deep seated, Love, Joy and Peace is through Faith. We must repent of our sin and believe in Him. Yes, believing in Him, trusting Him and being directed by Him is the most powerful thing that any human can do. We tap into His power to change our circumstances and things that are wrong in this world.

And this brings true freedom. Jesus says in John 8:36, Who the Son sets free is free indeed. You see there is only one true freedom that man can access, that emancipates completely, that only Christ can give.